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In October 2013, Dan Bricklin saw a key challenge for developers looking to build complex business applications that were well optimized for different mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. As a result, he created a video presenting the challenge as he saw it and established to bring attention to the business challenge, offer solutions, and encourage dialog in the development community.

Responsive design is critical to mobile success. Companies must now move beyond responsive design centered around websites to consider how they are going to build applications, both native and HTML5-based, that offer an optimal user experience on any device or touch screen.

Stacy Crook, Research Director, Mobile Enterprise Research at IDC

HTML5 app development

A significant benefit of HTML5 is that it is easier and less expensive to write apps that need to run on multiple platforms, as opposed to writing in native code for each platform. This ranges from desktop to mobile.

There is also a major challenge for HTML5 apps: having that one codebase adjust to the screen size, orientation, and other differences of the various devices it runs on. This requires a solution that is more extensive than Responsive Web Design, which is employed to build informational websites.

Much of what you see on the web about Responsive Design is aimed at websites that are intended to be read. This site is an attempt to further a conversation for all developers around data-centric web applications that are intended to be used.

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This site is sponsored and maintained by Alpha Software Corporation, whose Alpha Anywhere development system is used to create business HTML5 apps. (For example, see How the Responsive App Design Demo Was Built With Alpha Anywhere.) Material to help the developer craft responsive business apps is important to Alpha Anywhere users, just as it is for developers using other systems. Dan Bricklin is Alpha Software's CTO.

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